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Ballet Classes @The Peach Pit Dance


Ballet Rocks! (55 Mins) 

Ages 6-7 yrs, 7-12 yrs, & 13-18 yrs

A Signature Peach Pit Dance Class

This signature Peach Pit class takes classical ballet and transforms it with the use of upbeat and contemporary music. Your child will build phenomenal foundation of technique while enjoying this fun, high energy class. 

Pre-Ballet (55 Mins) 

Ages 5+

Pre-Ballet is designed for dancers 5+ to learn the basics and structure of a ballet class through creativity and imagination. The class will culminate with a performance in the annual Peach Pit Dance Recital in May! Required Attire: Black leotard, Tights, Bun & Pink Ballet Shoes. 

Ballet I  (55 Mins) 

Ages 6+

Ballet I is designed for dancers who have had at least one year of Pre Ballet or at least 6 years old. Ballet I will introduce more in-depth terminology and skills for young dancers, as well as build strength in movement.

Pre-Competition Ballet II (55 Mins) 

Ages 6+

Pre-Competition Dance is a training program requiring 2 hours a week in Ballet and another technique of choice. Required practices Tuesday 5pm-6pm @ The Peach Pit. Required Attire: Black leotard, footless tights, pink ballet shoes & black fitted active ware.

Ballet III & Pre-Pointe (55 Mins) 

Ages 9-18

Ballet III is geared towards the more advanced ballet dancer at a pointe or pre pointe level. The class will work to strengthen the core, ankled, and rotators so that a dancer can safely and proficiently proceed to pointe work. Pointe shoes are only to be purchased on the recommendation of the instructor. 

Dance Class Descriptions (Under Age 5)


Magical Ballet & Imagination (45 Mins) 

Ages 3-6 yrs

In this magical class your child will learn

amazing ballet technique. This class fosters the imagination with the use of fairytales, stories, and props while teaching the fundamentals of beginning ballet. 

Little Heroes Tumble & Parkour (45 Mins) 

Ages 3-5 yrs

This high energy class uses gymnastics apparatus to safely learn basic tumbling and parkour.

Your child will improve their strength, flexibility, and cardio  endurance while in a fun and safe setting. 

Little Hops Hip Hop & Tumbling (45 Mins)

Ages 3-5 yrs

This is a high energy class teaching basic hip hop dance and tumbling. This class uses the trampoline, the loose foam pit, and the spring floor to teach basic gymnastics and tumbling.

This will include running, jumping, skipping, and rolling. Your child will also be introduced to hip hop dance using fun games and movement activities while using current and hip kid friendly music. This class will enhance balance, coordination, flexibility, and self confidence. 

Dance Camps




*Parties Available Saturdays & Sundays

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