Boys Programming Class Schedule 

Boys Programming Class Descriptions


Boys Preschool Gymnastics (45 Mins) 

Ages 4-6 yrs

This class uses exposes the boys to gymnastics through obstacle courses designed to teach the basics. Your child will develop their strength and endurance while building confidence through movement and learning. 

Boys Recreational Level 1 Ninja (45 Mins) 

Ages 4-6 yrs; Ages 6+

This newly redesigned class will follow a ninja warrior/gymnastics hybrid curriculum.  Your child will improve their strength, flexibility, and cardio  endurance while in a fun and safe setting. Boys will explore the warped wall, spring floor, trampoline, and foam pit as well as the mini parallettes and rings. 


 Boys Parkour (55 Mins) 

Boys Ages 8+

This high energy boys class uses gymnastics apparatus to safely learn tumbling and parkour. The boys will run, jump, flip, and climb using the spring floor, trampoline, and foam pit. This class also focuses on total body conditioning that will enhance strength, flexibility, and stamina. 


Co-ed Hip Hop & Tumbling (55 Mins) 

Boys Ages 5-10

This class combines the exploration of musicality through Hip Hop with running, jumping, flipping and climbing of tumbling.  The students will learn Hip Hop choreography as well as gymnastics and tumbling basics taught in an engaging and exciting way. This class enhances coordination, balance, rhythm, and strength. ​

 Co-ed Hip Hop (55 Mins) 

Boys Ages 7-12

Co-ed Hip Hop is the hottest class in Buckhead! It is a high energy class that explores rhythm and musicality with hip and current kid friendly music. The students learn Hip Hop dances through fun games, activities, and dance choreography. This class enhances balance, spacial awareness, flexibility, and cardio awareness. Hip Hop dance promotes body awareness, coordination, and self-confidence. 




*Parties Available Saturdays & Sundays

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