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Advanced Tumbling @ Prado


Ages: 8+ Years

Monthly Tuition


(multi-class and multi-sibling discounts my apply)


Advanced tumbling is for those who have built power and spring in their step.

Entry requirements include:

Back Walkover, Front Walkover, Roundoff, Handstand Hold (5+ seconds)

Skills to be Mastered

  • Round Off Rebound

  • Back Walkover Snap Down

  • Back Handspring (unassisted)

  • Round Off Back Handspring (unassisted)

  • T-Jump Back Handspring

  • Back Walkover Back Handspring

  • Round Off Series Back Handspring (unassisted)

  • Front Handspring (unassisted)

  • Fly Spring/Front Bounder

  • Aerial Cartwheel

  • Back Handspring Step Out

  • Barani (into pit)

2024-25 School Year Classes

From August 5, 2023 - May 17, 2025

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