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COVID Policies @ The Peach Pit


Governing Bodies & Sources of Information

The Peach Pit bases all of its COVID-19 decisions off of the most current recommendations put forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in conjunction with the the policies of USA Gymnastics. We are continuously ensuring that we are following the most updated recommendations from these organizations.   


Temperature Checks

For the safety and well being of our athletes, coaches and parents, The Peach Pit requests that every person coming into one of our studios take their temperature upon entry and validate that they are not currently experiencing in COVID symptoms. Any temperature higher than 99.5 can be taken again after 10 minutes to ensure it is not a thermometer error. Should a second temperature reading be higher than 99.5, we request that family not remain in the building or take class on that day. Given the rise in outdoor temperatures at this time of year, we ask that no person take their temperature after standing outside in the sun for an extended period of time, as it can increase a reading on our thermometer.

Social Distancing

Our Recreational Gymnastics, Cheerleading, and Dance classes are set to a ratio of 7:1, to help us keep our groups small and encourage social distancing practices. Students will remain with the same coach for the entirety of their class and will not mix with other classes post warm up. During warm up, we will be distancing all athletes to encourage this practice. Please note that due to the instructional nature of our recreational programming, we may not be able to social distance all students at all times during their class time. If you are uncomfortable with this procedure, we do ask you to consider our Virtual Class offerings until you feel comfortable being in our space. 

Sanitizing & Cleaning Procedures

Cleanliness is something we pride ourselves on. The Peach Pit Collier & The Peach Pit Prado are professionally deep cleaned multiple times per week, per our normal procedures. Due to COVID-19, in an abundance of caution, we have placed extra hand sanitizer throughout the gym spaces and our lobbies. We also require all students and staff to sanitize their hands before entering or leaving our gym as well as after each gymnastics rotation during a recreational or competitive class. Our instructors will have hand sanitizer readily available, or you are welcome to provide your own for your child for their class. Furthermore, all of our mats and critical touch points (tables, lobby chairs, door handles, etc.) are sanitized on a daily basis. This standard policy for The Peach Pit. 



While on the floor, The Peach Pit staff will have a mask on when working with athletes.  Within our higher level programs, we have found it to be an immense safety issue to practice with masks and do not allow them to be worn on the floor as they inhibit vision and spacial awareness. Regarding our recreational athletes, we ask that you make the decision you feel most comfortable with for your child. Similarly, while in our lobbies we ask that parents follow the standards regarding mask wearing that are laid out by the CDC.