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Co-ed Recreational Level 2 @ Prado


Ages: 6-12 Years

Monthly Tuition


(multi-class and multi-sibling discounts my apply)


Recreational Gymnastics is taught by USA Gymnastics Safety Certified coaches in a safe, healthy and positive reinforcement style using the "Personal Best Mentality".  The Peach Pit teaches appropriate skill progressive gymnastics to girls and boys (taught separately at this age) using USAG curriculum on the vault, bars, beam and floor exercise.  We are constantly researching new drills and skills to better teach your child and look forward to sharing our love and passion for this sport! Class ratio 7-1.

Skills to be Mastered (Level 2)


  • Pullover to Front Support

  • Tuck & Straddle Hold

  • Hollow Body Hold

  • Cast with Straight Arms

  • Forward Roll Off of Bar


  • Lunge - T- Lunge 

  • Straight Jump

  • Arabesque with Straight Leg

  • Split Leap (45 degrees)

  • Straight Jump Stick Dismount


  • Proper Vault Approach to Springboard

  • Straight Jump on to Mat Stack


  • Handstand

  • Cartwheel 

  • Forward Roll to Standing (with no hands)

  • Backward roll down incline to feet

  • Straight Jump & Split Jump

  • Bridge 

2024-25 School Year Classes

From August 5, 2024 - May 17, 2025

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