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Video Pop (55 Mins)

A Signature Peach Pit Dance Class 

Ages 7+

Lights, Camera - Action! Video Pop takes Pop Star training to the next level. In this class students will perfect their collect hip hop and commercial dance moves all while mastering the art of lip sync. This class uses real industry microphones, lighting and wind machines to create the ultimate pop star experience. 

Watch as your child's confidence soars while they have a blast in this signature Peach Pit Class!

Stage & Screen (55 Mins) 

A Signature Peach Pit Dance Class 

Ages 7+

This co-ed class prepares your child to perform on stage, television or film. This class teaches dance and movement while focusing on stage presence, energy, and execution. This class covers multiple dance genres including hip hop, jazz, and musical theatre. This is the perfect class for students interested in commercial dance used in todays television and film industry and Broadway Style productions. It is also great for students auditioning for school theatre or dance auditions. 

Ballet Rocks! (55 Mins) 

Ages 6-7 yrs, 7-12 yrs, 13-18 yrs 

A Signature Peach Pit Dance Class

This signature Peach Pit class takes classical ballet and transforms it with the use of upbeat and contemporary music. Your child will build phenomenal foundation of technique while enjoying this fun, high energy class. 

Little Heroes Tumble & Parkour (45 Mins) 

Ages 3-5 yrs

This high energy class uses gymnastics apparatus to safely learn basic tumbling and parkour.

Your child will improve their strength, flexibility, and cardio  endurance while in a fun and safe setting. 

Boys Hip Hop & Tumbling (55 Mins) 

Boys Ages 6-14 yrs

This high energy boys only class teaches tumbling and hip hop dance.

The boys will run, jump, flip, and climb using

safe gymnastics apparatus, including the spring floor, trampoline, and loose foam pit. The boys will learn Hip Hop dance using fun games and activities set to hip and current kid friendly music. This class improves rhythm, coordination, and body awareness. It will enhance strength, balance, and flexibility all while building confidence and self esteem.


Little Hops Hip Hop & Tumbling (45 Mins)

Ages 3-5 yrs

This is a high energy class teaching basic hip hop dance and tumbling. This class uses the trampoline, the loose foam pit, and the spring floor to teach basic gymnastics and tumbling.

This will include running, jumping, skipping, and rolling. Your child will also be introduced to hip hop dance using fun games and movement activities while using current and hip kid friendly music. This class will enhance balance, coordination, flexibility, and self confidence. 

Boys Tumbling & Parkour (55 Mins)

Boys Ages 6-12 yrs

This high energy boys class uses gymnastics apparatus to safely learn tumbling and parkour. The boys will run, jump, flip and climb using the spring floor, trampoline, and foam pit. This will enhance speed, agility, strength and flexibility. 

Teen Boys Tumbling & Parkour (55 Mins) 

Boys Ages 13+

This high energy boys class uses gymnastics apparatus to safely learn tumbling and parkour. The teens will run, jump, flip, and climb using the spring floor, trampoline, and foam pit. This class also focuses on total body conditioning that will enhance strength, flexibility and stamina. This is an amazing supplemental course for your middle or high school athlete. 

Teen Hip Hop (55 Mins) 

Co-ed Ages 13+

This high energy class will focus on rhythm, musicality, and execution.

The students will learn high energy hip hop routines to hip, current, and clean music.

This class also includes total body conditioning that enhances core strength, stamina, and

overall physical fitness. This is a great class to supplement a middle or high school cheerleader or athlete. ​​

Co-ed Hip Hop (55 Mins) 

Co-ed Ages 6-7 yrs & 7-12 yrs

This high energy class explores rhythm and musicality with hip and current kid friendly music. The students learn hip hop dance through

fun games, activities, and dance routines.

It enhances balance, spacial awareness,

flexibility, and cardio endurance. This class promotes body awareness, coordination, and

self confidence. Classes will be divided by age. 

Magical Ballet & Imagination (45 Mins) 

Ages 3-6 yrs

In this magical class your child will learn

amazing ballet technique. This class fosters the imagination with the use of fairytales, stories, and props while teaching the fundamentals of beginning ballet. 

Jazz (55 Mins) 

Ages 6-7 yrs, 7-12 yrs, & 13+

This class teaches jazz dance through high energy choreography with sharp dynamic movements. The students will perform upbeat warm ups, 

center work and floor crossing. This class will also teach jazz walks, leaps, and turns.

It promotes strength, flexibility, and stamina. 

This is the perfect class for students preparing for cheer and dance try outs. Classes will be divided by age. 

Modern/Contemporary (55 mins)

In this class students will explore various modern dance techniques developing the use of their entire body to express ideas and choreography. Each class is lead by our industry forward Peach Pit Dance professionals.

Pre-Ballet (55 mins)

Ages 5+

Pre Ballet is designed for dancers 5 and older to learn the basics and structure of a ballet class through creativity and imagination. The class with culminate with a performance in the annual Peach Pit Dance Recital in May! Attire: Black leotard, tights, bun and ballet shoes. 

Playball (55 mins)

Playball is a unique program for toddlers using the medium of sports to build competence in all aspects of your child's life by focusing on courage, cooperation, persistence, responsibility and self-worth all while having FUN! Playball students learn the foundational skills needed for all major American sports by improving gross motor development, increasing concentration skills, and improving balance!




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